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Though the primary several episodes are about restoring life after the assaults, about halfway throughout the season a lot of the citizens meet up with with citizens of a nearby town, New Bern. At the beginning, relations are proven, causing a trade of windmills (for electric power), built in New Bern's manufacturing facility, for materials for food from Jericho's farms and salt from its mine (neither of which New Bern could supply on its own).

Having said that, the positioning and "webisode" at the moment are unavailable, owning been removed from the CBS website just before the 2nd episode in the Tv set show was broadcast.

An unwell wind blows into Jericho, carrying the specter of radioactive fallout from the rain. The citizens try and take deal with within their basements plus the city bomb shelter, however the shelter is woefully tiny and decrepit, so drastic steps are taken.

, to surrender Hawkins' spot at Heather's Buddy Ted's cabin. Hawkins kills the police officers despatched immediately after him, steals an ammunition truck, and detonates it in the course of New Bern.

Missiles of mysterious origin arc from the skies about Jericho; and an electromagnetic pulse disables all electrical devices, which include vehicles. Meanwhile, the feud that led Jake to leave town is rekindled.

Jericho will get Prepared for an important visitor with the new Cheyenne govt. Hawkins and Chavez do the job to locate the new leaderships secrets and techniques.

"Nevertheless, although individual episode articles or blog posts may possibly have already been tagged, no discussion followed up there either way" in the event you scroll up, there was these discussion on this quite page.

Sometimes even community executives admit they've made faults. Right after canceling Unforgettable last ye…

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Satellite news reviews the extent with the nuclear disaster to the shell-shocked townspeople, and Stanley statements he noticed tanks rolling into Denver.

Jake and Eric come up with a run to Rogue River for health care materials as their father's issue worsens, as well as their journey reveals some disagreeable facts from the outside; Jimmy and Gray have suspicions about Hawkins and query him.

The Jericho intertitle, written in static esque font, is accompanied by Morse code distinct to each episode.

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